Face Mask Elastic Band & Face Mask Elastic Cord

Mask Elastic Band

Demands for corona virus masks and elastic band which are widely used for precautionary purposes recently, have started to increase. For this reason, the preference of elastic band to be used for the mask is also an important issue. Designed to prevent tearing of the virus during the day, the corona virus mask is extremely durable. Elastic band is preferred in the production of virus masks and medical masks, operating room masks and a wide variety of healthcare masks. The thinnest of the tires with different thicknesses according to the purpose of use is 0.5 and the thickest is 5.5 cm.

Corona Virus Mask and Elastic Band Options

With the Corona Virus mask and elastic band  options that can be designed in different colors, you can feel safer in public transportation and public areas. Elastic band is used in the production of masks in terms of fitting to the face, it does not hurt and it has an ideal level of flexibility. Thanks to the ideal level of elasticity that does not deteriorate easily, it is much more comfortable to use face masks. For sterile medical masks, virus masks, this type of elastic band is often preferred. In addition, it is common to use first-class yarn-woven tires in the production of the most protected types of mask, such as N95. All these products produced by Serhat Lastik are among the most widely used tire types worldwide. To produce practical and durable masks, you can buy knitted tires in the pattern you want at affordable prices.

First Class Corona Virus Mask and elastic band with Serhat Lastik

The quality of the tire used is the most important issue to obtain solid products. Domestic and first class quality yarns are used for 1st class corona virus masks and elastic band. Thanks to knitted tires, whose usage area has widened recently, manufacturing in textile products has become easier. You can place an order on https://www.serhatlastik.com/ to manufacture products such as medical supplies and covers that make a difference with their quality. You can easily create the amount of orders you need for the products you need. You can experience the ease of using first class materials for healthy, durable and quality productions. Top quality