N95 Mask Elastic Band

N95 Mask Rubber

The N95 mask rubber is as important as the quality of the mask. Tire quality is extra important, especially for those who have to spend most of their time outside, and those who need to wear a mask most of the day. As Serhat Lastik, we help you protect your health in the most efficient way with our tire production that does not break quickly and does not cause any problems in terms of hygiene. When I do this:

• The type of mask our customers need

• We pay attention to their profession and the duration of using the mask during the day.

We produce knitted rubber by rigorously processing each of our masks. These knitted tires, which we produce as N95 nylon mask rubber, are flexible, resistant to breakage and suitable for long-term use.

The fact that the material used for the N95 polyester mask rubber is robust and of high quality directly affects the wearing comfort of the mask. For this reason, before producing masks, you should make sure that you choose the company from which you supply the tires correctly. Below are the details you need to know to choose the right mask rubber.

N95 Mask Rubber Features

The probability of breaking is much higher when rope is used instead of rubber on mask hangers. However, with the N95 nylon mask rubber, which can be produced in different thicknesses upon special request, tires with different durability levels can be produced. Durability increases from 5 to 10 in tires that can be produced in the range of 5-10 mm.

One of the most beautiful features of knitted elastic is its structure that maintains its quality for a long time and does not lose its elasticity during the day. Elastics produced especially for N95 masks used by doctors and healthcare professionals provide the correct face level in the masks.

Tires that can be produced in black or white color are produced in the desired number by wholesale order. The N95 FFP3 mask rubber produced by Serhat Lastik is ergonomically designed. It is designed to be used in the most comfortable way with its thin or thick options.

The N95 polyester mask can be produced to suit every head type. Thus, the problem of tearing does not occur when putting on and taking off the mask. Since knitted rubber has a soft structure, it does not create deep marks when using. Thanks to its soft structure, it helps to produce masks that do not hurt when using. You can contact us now for wholesale mask rubber production, and you can quickly get the number of tires you need.

Non-Breaking N95 FFP3 Mask Rubber

It should not be forgotten that the most important parts of the masks to keep them on the face are the tires. The mask rubber, on the other hand, is worn on the ear and ensures proper placement of the mask. Most masks are not durable for very long due to the use of ordinary rubber. For this reason, sometimes it may happen that the mask tears during insertion and removal.

A healthcare worker whose mask is broken can go out while he is currently in an operation and disrupt the procedure by wearing a new mask. It is also faced with the virus threat until it regenerates the torn mask. For this reason, it is much more important to use durable and high quality rubber, especially in N95s used as surgical masks.

In addition, using N95 polyester mask rubber instead of rope reduces the possibility of the mask getting wet with ear sweat. Most people cannot move freely due to the mask that slips from their mouth. However, since N95 masks are already thick due to their structure, solid and non-slip rubber attachments are needed to fix them. The masks are prevented from slipping down while working and on the move with the quality knitted elastics used.

Medical masks with mouth and nose barriers, which have more protection, gain much better protection with the assurance of Serhat Lastik. You can choose the assurance of Serhat Lastik to produce the quality and durable mask you need. Every production you make with solid materials means gaining loyal customers for you. Call us now to order a non-tearing N95 mask rubber!