Overshoe Elastic Tape

Overshoe hospitals and properties are used to prevent contamination in quarantine rooms. It is produced in a single-use and sterilized way to prevent the spread of infection. It enables doctors and healthcare personnel to move freely in departments such as newborn service, infectious disease service, operation rooms. It prevents people from being exposed to bacteria and viruses that carry infectious diseases. Shoe covers are used in surgeries and the wearer removes them before leaving the area. Disposable overshoes, also known as shoe covers, have an elastic structure. The shoe covers, which are compatible with all foot sizes, are durable, stain resistant and can be worn on or without shoes. It has a textured structure and prevents slippage even on polished floors. Shoe covers that are used to keep the environment clean and hygienic are protected from foot-borne microbes, dust and dirt. Overshoes, which have a wide usage area, are used in hospitals, laboratories, sports facilities, food preparation facilities and dust sensitive factories. Knitted tire, which is an important hammed in oveshoe manufacturing, is produced in high quality by our company (Serhat Lastik).